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EnviroSafe provides extensive training to its personnel in the use of equipment, proper procedures, environmental considerations and safety.

Employees receive training in the Building, Cleaning, Material and Equipment Program at Vancouver Community College. Employees are also given specialized training in First Aid and WHMIS standards and regulations

We also recognizes the value of employees being trained or at least cognizant of “Customer Relations” particularly in high profile public environments where they may be on site during business hours. Envirosafe acknowledges the positive value of its employees being responsive to visitors helping them locate washrooms, warning them of a potentially slippery floor, for example, or offering other assistance. An employee’s simple act of exchanging a pleasantry with a visitor enhances the client’s profile.

The intention of such training is to provide the client with a “seamless” operation. While they are on duty it is important that Envirosafe personnel are perceived as an extension of the client’s operation and work culture.

All cleaning personnel of EnviroSafe receive both classroom training and on-site training, that closely follow the strict guidelines required under the Worker’s Compensation Act.

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