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Envirosafe is the leader in customer service in the commercial cleaning sector. Talking with building owners and property managers, we have found that the quality of cleaning is reflected in both the entrance areas and proper floor care. Also topics such as washrooms, lunch rooms, fingerprints on doors and windows, spider webs, dusty lights and clean entrance mats have been a concern to commercial properties. EnviroSafe focus’s its cleaning efforts in these areas to keep your class “A” building in class “A” shape.

We have also recognized that frequency of cleaning required is depended on the geographic location of the building – a facility in the north in the wintertime will require more attention than a facility located in a warm climate – as well as the amount of traffic the facility generates.

Most cleaning contractors do not realize that cleaning a commercial property requires making a good first impression for the clients that use the facility, and to invest the fiscal resources involving well trained cleaning staff, state-of-the art cleaning equipment and first rate customer service to solve all cleaning concerns before they happen. Envirosafe will make your commercial property a pleasant place to be.

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