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All clients that use EnviroSafe for their cleaning needs will have the highest degree of quality assurance in the industry. All facilities are inspected nightly using a inspection form created by EnviroSafe. These forms are saved and scrutinized to improve any cleaning concerns that may arise in any of the areas. Our clients may also have a copy of these inspection forms on request to ensure that the service is being provided efficiently and effectively.

EnviroSafe management and supervisors are available on a 24 hour seven days a week basis. Call back to any enquiry is made within the hour while any cleaning concerns are addressed and rectified within a 24 hour period. Special provision can also be made for clients who may not wish to use this system.

In addition to the on-site training, all cleaning staff would be kept informed of Client’s cleaning standards. A Cleaning Task list would be created according to Client’s standards and given to all personnel responsible for the facility. The tasks are then monitored and communicated according to the inspection form. This procedure gives both the staff and the supervisor an effective communication tool for keeping everyone informed.

These systems in combination with a committed staff, professional trainers and learning institutions, ensure client would be provided with the highest cleaning standards. EnviroSafe also employs a third party cleaning consultant for quarterly cleaning audits that can be given to our clients.

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