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EnviroSafe uses the latest Green Seal Products available
We use Johnson’s J-fill system to measure exact amounts recommended by manufacturers, therefore, we have proper control over dilution and usage   We have 1600 square foot space  to store supplies, we order large quantity to get better prices.  Prices are guaranteed annually by the supplier. We have full size cargo vans to carry the supplies to the work site.

We provide high grade paper towels and toilet paper at addition cost.

  • Paper Towels-Jumbo rolls: Ecosoft green seal
  • Paper towels-multifold and single folds: Ecosoft green seal
  • Toilet Paper: 2ply Ecosoft green seal
  • Green seal: Carpet Cleaner: DFC105
  • Green seal: Cleaner-toilet bowl:   Crew Bathroom Cleaner and DFC Calcium lime & rust remover (Wesclean)
  • Green seal: Cleaner-Windows and glass: Glance non ammoniated glass cleaner rtd
  • Green seal: Floor Cleaner: stride floral neutral all purpose cleaner
  • Microfibre Cloths: shatex Mfg. (green, blue, and white) (Wesclean)
  • Drain Opener-pressure can (Wesclean)
  • Disinfectants: Virox 5 Johnson’s
  • Floor Finish- Taj Mahal (Wesclean)
  • Odor Counteractant-urinal tablet:  Rinzyme (Wesclean)
  • Odor counteractant-Fragrance-Cartridge: Rinzyme Deodorand block, Arial (Wesclean)
  • Remover-coffee stains carpet: Ultra carpet care Clean) Ultra Chem
  • Soap Scum: Green seal Crew Bathroom Cleaner and DFC Calcium lime & rust remover
  • Remover-oil, tar, rubber, grease, rust: POG
  • Remover-carpet stain-heavy duty: Green seal DFC105
  • Remover-blood, shoe-polish, coke, ink, grease, red wine, etc. DFC105 green seal
  • Stripper-floor-heavy duty-all purpose: Ultra Floor Care Striper (Ultra Chem)
  • Sealer-floor: Pioneer Envirostar #2000
  • Treatment-Carpet Anti-Static: Chemspec Soil Retardant Anti Stat (Wesclean)
  • Wash basins Cleaner: Klean and Shine (Wesclean)
  • Garbage Bags: Extra strong 35×50, 30×38, 20×22

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